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il festival in diretta
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  The International Jury of Feature films in competition, composed by Andrea Fornari (Italy), Judit Pintér (Hungary) and Jelka Stergel (Slovenia), assigns the

Trieste Prize (Premio Trieste) of 5,000 eur, offered by the Municipality of Trieste, for the Best Feature Film in competition to:


Moartea domnului Lazarescu (The Death of Mister Lazarescu) - Cristi Puiu, Romania 2005
 “because it is a film that manages to deal with universal problems starting from a common story: with a documentaristic style and a consistent language, the director is able to transcend daily life in order to reach a metaphysical level.”

  special mention for the Direction to:

Štestí by Bohdan Sláma, Repubblica Ceca - Germania 2005
“for the balanced and touching portrait of all the characters, so authentic and different from each other.”

  The International Short Films Jury, composed by Gloria De Antoni (Italy), Heinz Hermanns (Germany) and Lucia Rikaki (Greece) has assigned unanimously the Prize “Mediterranean Foundation” (Premio Fondazione Mediterraneo) of 2,000 eur, and Prize Music Feel (the creation of the original soundtrack for the next shortfilm), for the Best Short Film in Competition to:

Slavek the Shit by Grímur Hákonarson, Islanda - Repubblica Ceca – Estonia, 2005
“for the originality and the bitter irony in dealing with such a harsh and difficult subject, and for the remarkable performance of the actors, particularly the male leading one, who since the very beginning manages to arouse our interest to his character and involves us into whole story”

a Special Mention to

Before Dawn by Bálint Kenyeres, Ungheria, 2005.
“for its rigorous construction of a sequence shot, which in a few minutes can create an atmosphere”

Živut sus Sofija by Svetla Cocorkova, Bulgaria,2004
“for the ability of both the director and the actors of bringing the characters and their emotions very close to the audience”

  The International Documentary Films Jury, composed by Tibor Kocsis (Hungary), Daria Menozzi (Italy) and Agnčs Wildenstein (France) assigns unanimously the Alpe Adria Cinema Award (Premio Alpe Adria Cinema) of 2,500 Eur for the Best Documentary to:

Oyun ( The Play) by Pelin Esmer, Turchia, 2005
"for the way in which women living in a small Turkish town, in charge of a very hard work both outdoors and at home, manage to transcend such a reality learning the creative process of stage performing. All the steps of this process - the writing, the defitition of the characters and their final representation - are shot in a precise and simple way which underlines the human side of these women and their way of regaining trust in themselves. The condition of women in 2006 is a topical issue which this film deals with intelligence and sensitivity. So art becomes fundamental.

  a Special Mention to

Fabrika  by Sergej Loznica, Russia, 2004
“For the plastic beauty of fixed images drawned in a light made of
clair obscur. This film without dialogues shows the reality of a Russian factory where apparently nothing has changed since the 19th century. The work in the factory, the bodies of men and women repeating the same gestures over and over again make up the coreography. It has a deep meaning, it represents the whole human kind, as well as earth and fire. Time has stopped: painting and cinema are belnded.”

  CEI (Central European Initiative) Award of 2,500 eur to

Leidi Zi (Lady Zee) by Georgi Djulgerov, Bulgaria, 2005, running for the Feature Film Competition

“For portraying contemporary life in Bulgaria, at the same time realistically and poetically.”




Best Feature Film: Mistrz by Piotr Trzaskalski, Polonia - Germany

Best Short Film: Das mass der dinge by Sven Bohse, Germany

Best Documentary Film: Georgi i peperudite by Andrej Paounov, Bulgaria


Watch Trieste Film Festival’s tune!
Fabrica, the renown workshop conceived by Benetton, had created the opening tune for the past edition of our festival. This year the tune has been made by Georgian film director Basa Potskhisvili, who last year had a short film premiering in competition. We have asked the young filmmaker to create a promotional videoclip for the Trieste Film Festival starting from her short film Just try, a 2-minutes musical short film featuring a young girl singing in a Russian tailor’s shop where a few women are sewing military uniforms. Just try wishes to represent the world through the girl’s singing and dancing. Well, do you want to know the result? Twenty seconds of coulours and music throwing us into the most vital and pulsating core of Eastern European cinema. A crescendo of notes and fast shots leads us to the final frame: the protagonist with her open arms, about to embrace Trieste, as well as Alpe Adria Cinema has been succeeding and will succeed to do, with the incredibile offer of the 17th Trieste Film Festival, who is proud to “give it a try”, just like in the music clip! Watch the preview of the new Trieste Film Festival’s tune!


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