EASTWEEK - Script Writing Workshop for New Talents is a training initiative focused on a storytelling workshop, open to feature films projects coming from Central and Eastern European countries (*), organised and conceived by the Trieste Film Festival in partnership with MIDPOINT Prague.

The workshop will be held in Trieste (Italy) from 22 to 27 January 2018, and hosted by the 29th Trieste Film Festival;

This intensive training course, led by European professional tutors, will be based on projects for feature films at their short treatment stage. Priority will be given to projects with a producer attached.

There is no entry fee, and participation in the selection entails compulsory deposit of any material in the Eastweek Archives, as well as permission to use them for promotion purposes, excluding any commercial use to protect the rights of Authors and Producers.

English is the working language of the workshop.


Participants are required to submit a short treatment of max. 8 pages with creative quality and potential for production. They must have writing experience and demonstrate screenwriting talent.

Selection criteria include:

  • the quality & originality of the story, promise & viability of the project;
  • the attachment of a producer or production company to the project;
  • information whether a project has received support by national agencies, film funds, TV networks, European programmes;
  • in addition, the programme is partially open to emerging screenplay writers who show a strong creative potential.
  • Eastweek final decisions on selected projects are indisputable.


  • Participants must agree to take part in all training activities. This includes the reading and discussion of the other treatments (and rewriting) participating in the same working group;
  • Participants must be ready to submit, when requested, any written material such as questionnaires, evaluation reports, follow-up feedbacks, etc;
  • Failure to comply with the above conditions may result in the termination of a participant's association with the workshop;
  • The credit "Developed through EASTWEEK – SCRIPTWRITING WORKSHOP FOR NEW TALENTS – TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL" (and the logos) must be mentioned on any film made thanks to this project.
  • Eastweek workshop will cover the participants travel expenses. Participants organise and pay for their accommodation and board. Eastweek Guest Office will provide a list of hotels with special rates as well as restaurants;
  • There is no admission fee.


All applicants must submit by email the following documents in English:

  • A synopsis/summary (no more than 1 page);
  • A short treatment (no more than 8 pages);
  • Short resume of the participant with full contact details, previous experience & credits;

optional accompanying material:

  • Resume of producer and track record of production company (short profile);
  • Resume of director or co-writer;
  • Support letters (from producers, broadcasters, financiers, festivals, and/or other film professionals)

OCTOBER 15th, 2017

INFO on submission and Eastweek guidelines:

P         +39 040 34 76076
F         @eastweekworkshop