Unique training platform for emerging film professionals from the region*. The one-year programme features two workshops focusing on project development, financing, and co-production opportunities; plus a brand new presentation platform, and a follow-up session. We welcome writers, directors, and producers developing their first or second feature film.



Feature Launch Workshop 1 @ EASTWEEK - Trieste FF

Feature Launch Workshop 2 @ MIDPOINT

During two one-week long residential workshops, the teams will work on the creative development of the script as well as on the development, production & promotional aspects of their projects.

Residential workshops consist of group work within small groups of participants, each being led by internationally renowned and experienced script consultant, accompanied with plenary sessions and one-to-one meetings by an international team of experts from different areas of audiovisual industries, in-depth meetings with guest tutors and inspiring master-classes and case studies by renowned filmmakers and other film professionals.

During the first workshop taking place in January 2018 during Trieste Film Festival, within its established Eastweek training initiative, participants will focus on script development, creative and financing strategies as well as pitching skills.
At the second workshop, the participants will continue their work on the script development, but focus also on the marketing and distribution, sales and festival strategies as well as legal aspects and financial issues of their projects and enhance their pitching skills.

Tailor-made online consultations will follow after W1 and W2, according to the need of each project.
Project Showcase with Industry Experts @ KVIFF
After the development process of two residential workshops, all 9 selected projects will be presented at the first edition of the Project Showcase @ KVIFF to a panel of industry decision makers, including funders, sales agents, producers and festival programmers. This event will take place within IFF Karlovy Vary 2018 Industry Days.
Creative teams will be prepared for the final presentation by a pitching trainer within a one-day intensive training preceding instantly the Project Showcase @ KVIFF.
Feature Launch Spotlight @ WEMW (during Trieste FF)
To close the cycle of the one year platform, co-production market When East Meets West will invite to Trieste once again all 2018 selected producers to offer them the chance to have a follow up with their potential artistic and financing partners.

*Eligible countries:
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.

Conditioned/limited slots can be appointed to projects coming from outside of the region.


1. Feature Launch Workshop 1 @ EASTWEEK - Trieste FF - January 20 – 26, 2018 
2. Feature Launch Workshop 2 @ MIDPOINT -  April/May 2018 
3. Project Showcase with Industry experts @ KVIFF- July 2018 
4. Feature Launch Spotlight @ WEMW (during Trieste FF) - January 2019 


1. Feature Launch Workshop 1 @ EASTWEEK  - Trieste FF / Trieste, Italy
2. Feature Launch Workshop 2 @ MIDPOINT -  in collaboration with Film Center Serbia / Serbia 
3. Project Showcase with Industry experts @ KVIFF - in collaboration with Karlovy Vary IFF /  Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic 
4. Feature Launch Spotlight @ WEMW - in collaboration with When East Meets West / Trieste, Italy 

Who is it for?

/ teams of producer and writers and/or directors  
/ projects of first and second feature films


October 16, 2017


/ 1st participant / 1500 EUR per participant
/ 2nd and 3rd participant / 1000 EUR per participant

The fee covers workshop training, online consultations, accommodation and full board subsistence (food) during both workshops and Karlovy Vary IFF showcase. Participants must pay all travel costs.

To apply for the MIDPOINT Feature Launch workshop with your feature film project, please create an account on the MIDPOINT Visitor Page and follow the instructions. 
The system will be open on August 16, 2017. 

Required materials

/ application form
/ completed script or advanced treatment
/ synopsis
/ producer’s letter elaborating production strategy 
/ profile of the production company
/ preliminary financing plan 
/ development and production timetable of the project 
/ brief distribution strategy of the project 
/ biography and a photo of each team member 
/ personal motivation letter from the writer
/ personal motivato letter from the director 
/ evidence of previous work of each team member