The meeting with the filmmakers, actors and producers continue: all invited, every day of the festival at 11:00 at Caffè San Marco. Here today at 18.00, the presentation of the book D’amore non si muore, with the author Lino Capolicchio (actor, screenwriter, director) and Domenico Monetti (CSC).

Politeama Rossetti introduces the first screening of the day at 10.30 with And the ship sails on (I – F, 1983, col. & b-n/b-w, 132’) by Federico Fellini for ‘Fellini East West’. Absolute premiere of the film restored by CSC – Cineteca Nazionale with Istituto Luce – Cinecittà. The event is part of the celebrations ‘Fellini 100’, for the 100th anniversary of the birth of Federico Fellini. After the movie do not miss the ‘brunch a la Fellini’ at 13.00 at  Caffè San Marco. Price: film + brunch 20€, only brunch 15€.
The screenings of the feature film in competition continue with Asymmetry (Asimetrija) (SRB – SLO – I, 2019, col., ’93) by Maša Nešković at 14.00 (The author will be present in the theatre), The Father (Bashtata) (BG – GR, 2019, col., 90’) by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov at 16.00 (The author will be present in the theatre) and Once in Trubchevsk (Odnazdy v Trubčevske) (RUS, 2019, col., 80’) by Larisa Sadilovea at 18.00.
At 20.00 it’s time for the Cinema Warrior award ceremony, while after the award back to the feature films out of competition Paradise, una nuova vita (I – SLO, 2019, col., 83’), first work of Trieste-born filmmaker Davide Del Degan. The author will be present in the theatre.
The day draws to its conclusion at Politeama Rossetti, at 22.00, with Lillian (A, 2019, col., 128’) by Andreas Horvath, feature film in competition presented at ‘Quinzaine des Réalisateurs’ at the last Cannes Film Festival. The author will be present in the theatre.

At Cinema Ambasciatori the day starts at 11.00 with the documentary in competition BATA stories (Bata, Prvni Globalista) (CZ – F – SK, 2019, col. & b-n/b-w, 78’) by Peter Kerekes, focusing on the shoe empire Bata and the global history of  its founder. The author will be present in the theatre.
At 14.00 another documentary in competition, Exemplary Behaviour (Pavyzdingas Elgesys) (LT – I – SLO – BG, 2019, col. & b-n/b-w, 85’) by Audrius Mickevičius and Nerijus Milerius, which explores the concepts of forgiveness and social justice. The author will be present in the theatre.
The programme continues at 16.00 with the special event ‘Art&Sound’ The Last Movie Painter (L’ultimo uomo che dipinse il cinema) (I, 2019, col., 90) by Walter Bencini. An emotional journey into the world of Renato Casaro, one of the most important living illustrators. The author will be present in the theatre.
At 18.00 will be screened the second compilation of the short films competition with Border Crossing (Przejście Graniczne) (PL, 2019, col., 15’) by Agnieszka Chmura, Frontier (Hranice) (CZ, 2020, col., 29’) by Damián Vondrášek, Mama (Ije) (RUS, 2019, col., 12’) by Anastasia Borisova, Destiny (Destino) (I, 2019, col., 20’) by Bonifacio Angius, Alice (Nič sa Nestalo) (SK, 2019, col., 10’) by Monika Mahútová, Virago (EST, 2019, col., 15’) by Kerli Kirch Schneider and Drübenland – The Land Over There (D, 2019, col., 17’) by Arne Kohlweyer. The authors will be present in the theatre.
At 20.30 Sky Arte Award with following Forman vs. Forman (CZ – F, 2019, col. & b-n/b-w, 78’) by Helena Třeštíková and Jakub Hejna per ‘Art&Sound’. The author will be present in the theatre.
The screenings at Cinema Ambasciatori end at 22.00 with the documentary in competition Mother and Son (Ana və Oğul) (AZ, 2019, col., 120’) by Hilal Baydarov, the breakthrough documentarist of this season. The author will be present in the theatre.

The exhibitions continue too: Federico Fellini: visioni dall’Est at Politeama Rossetti from 10.00 to 22.00 and  Il favoloso Gianni – Antologia murale in 21 pannelli at Teatro Miela from 10.00 to 19.00.
At 10.30 starting from the Museum Casa di Osiride Brovedani the walk A Walk Through the Multicultural Trieste  by Marzia Arzon. At 14.30 from Politeama Rossetti the walk Shores, dock, historical cafés and boulevard by Nicola Falcinella and Casa del Cinema. To this real-world walks is added the virtual walk Real sets and virtual tour  in the Foyer of Politeama Rossetti, alog with the other VR experiences.
We remind you also at 11.00 and 15.00 at the Immaginario Scientifico, the activity Behind the light, a path suitable for adults and children (from 8 years old) to discover the science beneath the screening of a film. The author will be present in the theatre.

Today the Festival has two main events for kids, both at Teatro Miela: at 11.30 the show Zoo Party Music & Painting Live by Casa della Musica / Scuola di musica 55 and Alpe Adria Cinema and at 15.00 a selection of short films for children by Animafest Zagreb, Professor Balthazar and his friends: science at cinema!.

Tickets for the Trieste Film Festival are available at the box-offices of Politeama Rossetti, Cinema Ambasciatori and Teatro Miela.
With the opening of  the box-offices it will be possible to purchase the tickets for all the screenings in programme at the theatre where the purchase is being made. Seats are not numbered.