WHEN EAST MEETS WEST is organized by the FVG Audiovisual Fund and the Trieste Film Festival, in collaboration with EAVE, Maia Workshops, Creative Europe Desk Italy, EURIMAGES, and the support of the Creative Europe/MEDIA Programme, MiBAC- Direzione Generale per il Cinema, CEI - Central European Initiative and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
The upcoming edition of When East Meets West (Trieste - January 20-22, 2019) will have a new East & West double focus, bringing together over 450 film professionals from all over Europe and, in particular, from the 2019 spotlight territories: Central Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine) and Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands).
All 20 selected producers will pitch their projects - feature films and documentaries in development - to a large panel of decision makers attending the event and will have the opportunity to set individual meetings. The main aim is to set up a platform where it is possible to meet funds representatives, commissioning editors, sales agents and possible co-producers from both sides of Europe.

Along with the WEMW Co-production Forum, When East Meets West 2019 will include the training programme designed for 3 long feature fiction films in editing phase from Eastern Europe and Italy First Cut Lab and the work in progress section for documentaries Last Stop Trieste.
Furthermore, thanks to the precious cooperation and support of all Benelux and Central Eastern European National Film Funds, WEMW will bring together a large delegation of film professionals from Benelux and Central Eastern Europe, and will present a series of panels and case studies dedicated to the co-production opportunities with the 2019 spotlight territories. The main goal is to offer a complete and detailed overview of both film industries, so to offer to all participants the chance to fully understand the co-production and distribution possibilities.

For more info please have a look at www.wemw.it.