The Leading Italian Festival on Films from Central and Eastern Europe
A project by Alpe Adria Cinema and
Annamaria Percavassi

La call for entries del Trieste Film Festival – 29esima edizione è aperta! Per presentare la vostra candidatura vi invitiamo ad aprire il link qui di seguito:
Sarete reindirizzati sulla piattaforma Eventival, alla Visitor Page del Trieste Film Festival / When East Meets West. La Visitor Page è un’interfaccia online che vi permette di condividere con il festival i dati relativi al vostro film. Per proporre un film al festival è necessario creare il vostro Login nella Visitor Page. Una volta ottenuto l’accesso alla vostra Visitor Page potrete in qualsiasi momento inserire, controllare e aggiornare i dati relativi al vostro film, nonché caricare i vari documenti e file richiesti dal festival.



ART. 1 - The Trieste Film Festival is a yearly event of cinema culture organised by the Alpe Adria Cinema Association. The main purpose of the Trieste Film Festival is to promote information, debate and mutual cooperation among the operators of the audiovisual production industry and in particular of films in Central and Eastern Europe.

ART. 2 - The 29th edition of the Trieste Film Festival (19 – 28 January 2018) will take place in Trieste, the institutional seat of the event.

ART. 3 The 29th Trieste Film Festival is articulated into the following sections:

  • “Concorso Internazionale Lungometraggi“ (“International Feature Films Competition”), "Concorso Internazionale Cortometraggi" ("International Short Films Competition", max 30’) and "Concorso Internazionale Documentari" ("International Documentary Films Competition") will present a selection of the productions in DCP or Bluray completed after January 2017, mainly focusing on those films that feature originality and linguistic innovation, as well as on the productions focused on particular aspects and problems of the society and culture of their countries of origin.
  • Monographic and Retrospective sections - special events.

ART. 4 - The owners/presenters of works submitted to the selection of Alpe Adria Cinema must allow an online link with English subtitles to be sent to the festival offices by September 30th, 2017. The film should be accompanied by adequate information (synopsis, cast&credits and director's bio-filmography).

There is no submission fee, and participation in the selection entails compulsory deposit of all materials – preview DVD included – in the Alpe Adria Cinema Archives, as well as permission to use them for didactic, research and promotion purposes, also outside the Festival, excluding any commercial use to protect the rights of Authors and Producers.

ART. 5 - The Artistic Direction of the Trieste Film Festival will select films and audiovisual material according to the orientations given by the members of the International Scientific Committee of the Festival. The final decisions of the Artistic Direction are indisputable.



  • The festival Audience will award a prize of 5,000 EUR, the TRIESTE AWARD, to the Best Feature Film in competition.
  • The festival Audience will assign the TRIESTE SHORTS AWARD of 2,000 EUR to the Best Short Film in competition.
  • The festival Audience will assign a prize of 2,500 EUR, the ALPE ADRIA CINEMA AWARD, to the Best Documentary Film in Competition.


ART. 7 - The films selected for the International Feature Films Competition and the International Documentary Films Competition have to be Italian premieres.

The films selected for the International Short Films Competition have to be regional premieres (Friuli Venezia Giulia region).

For the Feature Films and Documentaries in competition the producers should guarantee the presence of one person (the director, the producer, the main actor or the screenplay writer) at the official screening of the film.

ART. 8 - If a film included in the programme is subsequently distributed in Italy, all the material for its promotion must carry the logo of the Trieste Film Festival and must indicate its participation in the 29th edition with mention of any award received.

ART. 9 - Once the participation of a film selected for the one of the competitions has been confirmed by the Director or the Producer or the Sales Agent, no cancellation is admitted. Should this occur, a lump sum of 1,000.00 Eur will be paid to the Trieste Film Festival as compensation for damage.

ART. 10 Alpe Adria Cinema is entirely responsible for the technical and administrative organisation of the event.

ART. 11 - Each production company will be entirely responsible for all costs of transportation to Trieste, whereas Alpe Adria Cinema will pay all costs of transportation from Trieste back to the country of origin. In case the country of destination is different from the origin one, the consignee will have to agree all costs of transportation and customs clearance of the prints with the production company itself.

ART. 12 - The owners of SELECTED films must allow the following advertising and promotional material, to reach our offices absolutely by November 15th, 2017: 

  • 2 posters;
  • 10 b/w or colour photographs/stills of film-scenes;
  • 30 pressbooks (or 1 digital pressbook);
  • Short and long synopsis of the film;
  • Cast and credits;
  • Director’s biography;
  • Director’s complete filmography (indicating the original titles of his/her previous works);
  • Director’s short statement on the film;
  • Dialogue list;
  • Dialogue list in the subtitles language;
  • A DVD or an online link 100% faithful to the version presented at the festival, for the Italian electronic subtitling;
  • A DVD or an Mp4 file with the film excerpts (30 seconds max.) for promotional use.

 ART. 13 - All films will be screened in the original version. All films must be provided with English subtitles.

For the Screenings Alpe Adria Cinema will accept the following formats: DCP – Bluray.

Alpe Adria Cinema will be responsible for electronic subtitling in Italian. In order to do so, the film production is to provide a DVD or an online link, preferably with English subtitles. The DVD/link must be an exact copy of the version that will be screened at the festival (See art. 12).

ART. 14 - All material is to be addressed to:

TEL. +39 040 3476076 / FAX +39 040 662338

All information is to be emailed immediately to the above contact details.

ART. 15 - Films for the official screening should be sent directly to the following address, but only after agreeing all details with the print traffic manager of the festival:

TEL. +39 040 3476076 / FAX +39 040 662338

ART. 16 Films should reach our offices absolutely by December 22nd 2017.

ART. 17 - All films will be covered by an "all risks" insurance policy taken out and paid for entirely by Alpe Adria Cinema.

ART. 18 - Any litigation will be judged by the Court of Trieste, Italy.

ART. 19 - The sending of the duly filled in and signed entry form implies the acceptance of all the articles of the above regulations.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: September 30th, 2017