13 – 24 January 2007 | 18 – 25 January 2007

Feature Film Competition (France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, United Kingdom, Hungary, Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, Turkey)
Documentary Competition (Slovenia, Cuba, Macedonia, Russia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Poland, Belarus, Croatia, Poland, Italy, Armenia, Georgia, Austria, Serbia, Lithuania, Switzerland)
Short Film Competition (Bulgaria, Italy, France, Latvia, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Turkey)
Showcase IMMAGINI (Images)
Special Feature UPDATE DEUTSCHLAND 2. Il nuovissimo cinema tedesco (Update Deutschland 2. The most recent German Cinema)
Special Feature LA LUNA, I FALO’. IL CINEMA DI FREDI M. MURER (The Moon, Bonfires. The Cinema of Fredi M. Murer)
Special Feature LO SCHERMO TRIESTINO: FRANCO GIRALDI (Cinema People of Trieste: Franco Giraldi)
Film Schools The National University of Drama and Film “I.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest (UNATC)
Cinema Zones Showcase of regional cinema productions. An opportunity to present the best of films produced and filmed in the region in the previous year