An original collage that mixes geometric forms with vintage photography, and cuts that reveal new things. The image of the 2016 Trieste Film Festival was designed by Julia Geiser, the Swiss artist – class of 1987, whose work won us over with the force she manages to express, a force that unites everything in a delicate equilibrium. Those who, like us, love central and eastern European cinema will be fascinated by the connection between the elegance and a deep carnality, passion combined with a unique style. The happiness and lightness of the flowers create memories of dances shared. The muted colours next to the explosion of vibrant hues. A world made of harmony and contrasts, at times surreal, always alive. And to close, the circle – a cinematographic symbol of excellence.

I only use pictures from the Internet – says Julia Geiser – Online voyeurism becomes an inspiration to me. As such my work tackles larger issues and subjects. It becomes a debate about rights and licences, about privacy and commons, about ownership and laws. The collages always oscillate between visual and legal borders.

For the Trieste Film Festival I searched through public domain galleries of photos from Romania. With the found material I played with the dichotomy of gender and our perception of traditions. I ended up with a reference to the traditional floral wreath, that is often worn and used in folkloral costumes in eastern countries. Cutting through the portrait is a way of looking inside, thinking about our substance and the perceptions that influence us. In a way it is a glance behind the scene.