A magical place called Trieste Film Festival.

Suspended between Mitteleuropa and Wonderland, an enchanted place born out of the light of Cinema that holds within it the dream and notes of a Viennese Waltz. All this one can see in the new image for the Trieste Film Festival, Italy’s leading appointment with Central Eastern European cinema that will be celebrating its 26th edition from the 16th to the 22nd January 2015.

The festival’s image well represents that magical and suspended place that is Cinema, as well as the glimpse into the world beyond that it has always given us, starting from a physical place that echoes the architecture of the countries involved in the Festival. Once again created by Claimax, the image for TFF 2015 grows from the splendour of Matteo Giacopci’s photo, and aims to represent the sensory experience of cinema, captivating us to such an extent that, through its light, we live the magic of an early spring.

With the launch of the new image, accreditations also go on sale: find all the information to register for this edition on our website localhost/triestefilmfestival. Starting this year, the Festival team has also decided to give a special offer for anyone who buys an accreditation before Christmas!