Date: 25 January 2023 (ended)
Time: 16:00
Category: Film
Location: Cinema Ambasciatori
Viale XX Settembre, 35, 34126 Trieste TS


(The Song of the Cicadas)
Marcella Piccinini

Italia / Italy
2022, HD, col., 69’
v.o. italiana / Italian o.v.

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay: Marcella Piccinini, Marianna Cappi. Fotografia / Photography: Marcella Piccinini. Montaggio / Editing: Marcella Piccinini, Aline Hervé. Musica / Music: Marco Biscarini. Suono / Sound: Diego Schiavo. Produzione / Produced by: Marcella Piccinini.

We listened to two kinds of music at home. Classical, when Dad was there. And De André and Guccini, who expressed our desire for ideals and freedom. We lived two lives. One with Dad and one when he was away: Natascia, Consuelo, Roberto would come then. The magic would start. You loved Don Milani’s motto, ‘I care.’ You remained a teacher all your life. Now I see you on the smartphone screen. We all live in isolated bubbles that can’t take off and meet. I think all the time about ways to shorten our distance, to take you out of that isolation that has engulfed you.

“This documentary is dedicated to all the people who were unable to say goodbye during the pandemic, who were abandoned alone to their fate, without a caress. The film is dedicated also to the relatives of the victims. Only now I deeply understand the importance of the historical memory: we must remember the past or else be condemned to repeat it.” (M. Piccinini)

Marcella Piccinini
Marcella Piccinini was born in 1974 in Montichiari, Italy. She lives in Bologna, where she also studied. After graduating from Art School and from the Academy of Fine Arts, she studied at DAMS (Drama, Art and Music Studies) in Bologna. Her documentary My Home and My Neighbours – The Long Journey by Joyce Lussu premiered in 2016 at the Trieste FF.

filmografia scelta / selected filmography
2007 La Luna di Kiev doc. cm / sf 2011 Petra cm / sf; Il mondo capovolto cm / sf; Aneta cm / sf  2016 La mia casa e i miei coinquilini Il lungo viaggio di Joyce Lussu doc. mm / ml 2018 Maminka doc. 2022 Il canto delle cicale doc.; Premi / Awards: Biografilm Festival – Menzione speciale / Special Mention