Date: 22 January 2022 (ended)
Time: 11:30
Category: Event


a cura di / curated by Schermi e Lavagne / Cineteca di Bologna

28 December 1895: Auguste and Louis Lumière present the cinematograph to the public. It is the invention that shakes up the art (and not only) of the century to come. However, the attempts to deceive our eyes, making them see what is not actually there – movements, distances, figures – began long before that. The workshop will allow us to discover thaumatropes, zootropes and many other curious objects that preceded and accompanied the birth of the cinematograph.

reservation required:
workshop ticket: 8€

For every workshop/walk purchased as part of the TSFF dei Piccoli, there is a free ticket for a children’s screening.

Saturday January 22 and Sunday January 23
11:30 am > 5-8 years

Teatro Miela

please note that a Green Pass Rafforzato and a FFP2 mask are required for access to the festival sites (for those over 12 years old).