Date: 27 January 2022 (ended)
Time: 11:00
Category: Film


(The Last Heat of Steel)
Francesco De Filippo, Diego Cenetiempo

Italia / Italy
2022, HD, col., 57’
v.o. italiana / Italian o.v.

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay: Francesco De Filippo. Fotografia, montaggio / Photography, Editing: Diego Cenetiempo. Suono / Sound: Emiliano Gherlanz. Produzione / Produced by: La Cappella Underground.


L’ultimo calore d’acciaio recounts the transition from heavy industry – which characterised production in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – to logistics managed by digital systems. This is not just the mere narrative of an urban transformation but the story of social changes linked to the effort to adapt contexts to new forms of production which are cleaner though perhaps more anonymous. The story is that of the Ferriera, the famous iron and steel plant in Trieste, shut down after 123 years and numerous changes of ownership. Because of the role it played in the local Trieste economy and society, the plant is chosen as a symbol, but it is not unique. The documentary unfolds along a poetic itinerary, interspersed with the testimony of the workers, of the other protagonists of the transformation and experts in the sector: from Giulio Sapelli to the president of the Trieste Port Authority, Zeno D’Agostino, and from the city’s mayor, Roberto Dipiazza, to the writer and journalist Pietro Spirito.

Francesco De Filippo
Writer and journalist Francesco De Filippo was born in Naples in 1960. He has been living in Trieste for ten years and is the head of the Friuli Venezia Giulia office of the Ansa news agency.

2021 L’ultimo calore d’acciaio doc. (diretto con / directed with Diego Cenetiempo)

Diego Cenetiempo
Film director and screenwriter, Diego Cenetiempo was born in Trieste in 1978. Since 2006, he has worked at  La Cappella Underground (Centre for Cinematographic and Audiovisual Research and Experimentation) in Trieste. He is one of the founding partners of the Italian film production company Pilgrim Film. The Trieste FF has presented several of his works over the years, including in 2012 the documentary Far Away Is Home. The story of Clely.

filmografia scelta / selected filmography
2004 Le formiche sono tristi cm / sf (diretto con / directed with Daniele Trani) 2006 Appunti inutili cm /sf (diretto con / directed with Daniele Trani) 2010 Italiani sbagliati doc. 2011 Abdus Salam. The Dream of Symmetry doc. 2012 Far Away Is Home. La storia di Clely doc. 2014 Maksimovič. La storia di Bruno Pontecorvo doc. 2016 I bambini non sono tutti uguali doc. 2022 L’ultimo calore d’acciaio doc. (diretto con / directed with Francesco De Filippo)