Date: 5 June 2021 (ended)
Time: 17:00
Category: Film


(Culo di marmo)
Želimir Žilnik

1995, 35mm, col., 87’
v.o. serba – inglese

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay: Želimir Žilnik. Fotografia / Photography: Miodrag Milošević. Montaggio / Editing: Vladimir Milenković. Musica / Music: Love Hunters, Zbogom Brus Li, Dejan Kijevčanin. Suono / Sound: Vladimir Stanojević. Interpreti / Cast: Vjeran Miladinović, Nenad Milenković, Nenad Racković, Lidija Stevanović, Miljan Vojnović, Suzana Zlatanović (Luna Lu), Miodrag Suša, Gordan Žabaljac. Produzione / Produced by: B92, Beograd. Distribuzione internazionale / World Sales: Zilnik Produkcija i Distribucija.

Merlyn has been pacifying the Balkans, turning tricks with countless Serbian guys. Merlyn is a lighting rod sheltering Belgrade, calming violent nighthawks, swanky big spenders, miserable loners and horny young studs, taking on the charge that would otherwise befall little girls, unprotected mothers and helpless old women. Combined with guns, this unbridled energy would eventually lead to bloodshed. Merlyn cools the boiling blood of violent Dinarides and enriches it with love. Johnny comes home to Belgrade, from the war. His motives are apparently similar, he also wants to cool the boiling blood, but he does it by letting it through the holes in the human body, which he makes with bullets or knives. This film is a treatise on the different methods of resolving conflicts, resorted to by Merlyn and Johnny.” (Ž. Žilnik)
Teddy Award at Berlinale in 1995, where the film had its premiere.


Želimir Žilnik

Filmmaker and screenwriter, Želimir Žilnik was born in 1942 in Niš, now Serbia. The student demonstrations of 1968 are at the centre of Žilnik’s first feature film Rani radovi (1969) which was awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival. One of the pioneering member of the Yugoslav “Black Wawe”, after facing problems with censorship in Yugoslavia, Žilnik spent the mid-seventies in Germany. Following his return to Yugoslavia, in 1984 made the autobiographical film Druga generacija. Žilnik was one of the protagonists of the homage dedicated by Trieste FF in 1998 to the Yugoslav Black Wave. His latest work The Most Beautiful Country in the World was selected in Documentary Competition in 2019.

filmografia scelta / selected filmography

1967 Žurnal o omladini na selu, zimi cm / sf doc. 1969 Lipanjska gibanja cm / sf doc.; Rani radovi; Premi / Awards: Berlinale – Orso d’oro / Golden Bear 1971 Crni film cm / sf doc. 1973 Ustanak u Jasku cm / sf doc. 1976 Paradies 1980 Istarski Italijani film TV 1984 Druga generacija 1986 Lijepe žene prolaze kroz grad 1994 Tito po drugi put medju Srbima doc. 1995 Marble Ass; Premi / Awards: Berlinale – Teddy Award 2001 Fortress Europe doc. 2003 Kenedi se vraća kući 2007 Kenedi se ženi 2009 Stara škola kapitalizma 2015 Logbook_Serbistan doc. 2018 Das schönste Land der Welt (The Most Beautiful Country in the World) doc.


Zilnik Produkcija i Distribucija
Ledinacki put 38
Sremska Kamenica