(In the Dusk)
Šarūnas Bartas

Lithuania – France – Czech Republic – Serbia – Portugal – Latvia
2020, HD, col., 128’
v.o. lituana / Lithuanian o.v.

Sceneggiatura / Screenplay: Šarūnas Bartas, Ausra Giedraitytė. Fotografia / Photography: Eitvydas Doškus. Montaggio / Editing: Simon Birman. Musica / Music: Jakub Rataj. Suono / Sound: Fabrice Osinski, Vladmir Golovnitski, Simon Apostolou. Scenografia / Art Director: Jurgis Krasons, Janis Kalnins, Aivars Zukovskis. Costumi / Costume Designer: Nina Moravcova. Interpreti / Cast: Arvydas Dapšys, Marius Povilas Elijas Martinenko, Alina Žaliukaitė-Ramanauskienė, Salvijus Trepulis, Valdas Virgailis, Rytis Saladžius, Saulius Šeštavickas. Produzione / Produced by: Studija Kinema, KinoElektron. Coproduzione / Co-produced by: Sirena Film, Biberche Productions, Terratreme Filmes, Mistrus Media. Distribuzione internazionale / World Sales: Luxbox.


Lithuania, 1948. War is over, but the country is left in ruins. 19-year-old Untė is a member of the Partisan movement resisting Soviet occupation. They do not fight on equal terms, but this desperate struggle will determine the future of the whole population. At the age of discovery of life, Untė discovers violence and treachery. The lines are blurred between the burning passion of his youth and the cause for which he is fighting. He will invest himself wholeheartedly, even if it means losing his innocence…
Among the titles in the Cannes Official Selection 2020, In the Dusk premiered at the latest San Sebastian International Film Festival 2020.

At the end of WW II with the victory of the Allies, the Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania from the Nazis, and finished its assimilation that had just started before the war. The Lithuanian president escaped to the West, leaving no instructions … Part of the remaining independent Lithuanian army went out into the wild forests, where they formed units of organized resistance that lasted until 1953, which were joined by a large number of Lithuanian men – some hiding away from the Soviet military draft, others fleeing arrest and deportation to Siberia … Resistance is born from hope, a primal force that must stay alive, somewhere, in the darkest moments. Lithuania’s history did not end with the death of the last partisan. When organized armed resistance ended by 1953, Lithuania was not destroyed, but it was severely damaged. The history of Lithuanian resistance ended with the proclamation of independence in 1991.” (S. Bartas)

Šarūnas Bartas
Born in 1964 in Siauliau, now Lithuania, Sharunas Bartas is one of the most prominent lithuanian and european directors. In 1989, he founded Studija Kinema, the first independent studio in Lithuania. The Trieste FF dedicated to him a tribute in 1997, while in 2018 Frost was selected in the feature film competition.

filmografia scelta / selected filmography
Praejusios dienos atminimui (In the Memory of a Day Gone by) doc. 1991 Trys dienos; Premi / Awards: Berlinale – Fipresci Prize / Premio Fipresci 1995 Koridorius 1996 Few of Us (Lontano da Dio e dagli uomini) 1997 Namai (The House) 2000 Freedom 2005 Septyni nematomi zmones (Seven Invisible Men) 2010 Eastern Drift 2015 Peace to Us in Our Dreams 2017 Frost 2020 Sutemose (In the Dusk)

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24 Jan 2021





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