Jacopo Quadri

2020, HD, col., 62’
Italian o.v.

Fotografia / Photography: Greta De Lazzaris. Montaggio / Editing: Jacopo Quadri. Musica / Music: Valerio Vigliar. Suono / Sound: Daniela Bassani, Nicolò Tettamanti. Interpreti / Cast: Ultimina Capecchi. Produzione, distribuzione per l’Italia / Produced by, Distributed in Italy by: Ubulibri. In collaborazione con / In collaboration with: Rai Cinema. Distribuzione internazionale / World Sales: Taskovski Films.


More than eighty years ago a girl was born into a poor farming family in Tuscany, and named Ultimina (the last one) though in fact she was followed by a younger sister, Finis. Ultimina is an animated and expressive storyteller. She shows some old photos and reminisces about how tough her life has been. She married young. Her husband drank and her father-in-law hit her. Ultimina is still angry about how the men made all the rules, she does nothing to detract from her rebellious nature. A portrait of a strong woman, and a portrait of an era.
premiered at the latest IDFA in Amsterdam.

Several years ago, I made a documentary about a pair of twins, farmers, in the Tuscan countryside. During the filming, a curious and vivacious elderly lady would often walk into our shots … That is how I began to make friends with Ultimina … I allowed her to share her tales freely, moving from one subject to another as in a long sleepless night of revelations. In editing I wove the stories into one fluid tale, allowing the spectator to spend real time with Ultimina.” (J. Quadri)

Jacopo Quadri
Acclaimed editor, film director and producer Jacopo Quadri was born in 1964, in Milan. As an editor, he worked on several features and documentaries, more than 90, that were internationally praised and awarded. As a director, Quadri collaborated with Italian directors Mario Martone and Antonietta De Lillo. In 2019, Quadri held a Masterclass at the Trieste Film Festival.

filmografia scelta (come regista) / selected filmography (as director)
Saharawi, voci distanti dal mare (diretto con / directed with Antonietta De Lillo, Patrizio Esposito) 1998 La terra trema (diretto con / directed with Mario Martone) doc. 2000 Un posto al mondo (diretto con / directed with Mario Martone); Marisa cm / sf 2014 La scuola d’estate doc 2015 Il paese dove gli alberi volano (diretto con / directed with Davide Barletti) doc. 2017 Lorello e Brunello doc.; Premi / Awards: Torino FF – Premio Cipputi, Menzione speciale / Cipputi Award, Special Mention 2020 Ultimina doc.

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27 Jan 2021





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