The first film at Politeama Rossetti is at 11.00, the special event The Cremator (Spalovač Mrtvol) (CS, 1969, b-n/b-w, 100’) by Juraj Herz. A compelling movie between political satire  and grotesque.
At 14.00 it’s time for the feature film out of competition Heidi (RO, 2019, col., 96’) by Cǎtǎlin Mitulescu. Shot on 16mm, a police procedural on an unbalanced relationship, against the backdrop of Romania’s harsh social reality.
The programme continues at 16.00 with Rounds (V Krag) (BG – SRB – F, 2019, col., 106’) by Stephan Komandarev. Presented at Sarajevo Film Festival, where Irini Jambonas has been awarded as Best Actress.
At 18.00 the italian premiere of the documentary out of competition The Gift (Il Dono) (I, 2019, col., 89’) by italian director Giuliano Fratini. The author will be attending the screening.
Politeama Rossetti closes the day with the award ceremony at 20.00, and following the special event The Whistlers (La Gomera) (RO – F – D, 2019, col., 98’) by Corneliu Porumboiu, who will be giving a masterclass at 17.30 at Café Rossetti. La Gomera is a funny noir which plays with film genres. The author will be attending the screening.

At Cinema Ambasciatori two ‘Corso Salani award’: at 14.30 Master Where Are You (Padrone dove sei) (I, 2019, col., 82’) by Carlo Michele Schirinzi and at 16.30 The Way to the Mountains (La strada per le montagne) (F – I, 2019, col., 83’) by Micol Roubini. The author will be attending the screening.
At 18.00, a tribute to Corso Salani with Eugen si Ramona (I, 1989, col. & b-n/b-w, 25’) and after Voices of Europe (Voci d’Europa) (I, 1989, col., 90’). The author will be attending the screening.
Last documentary of the day at Cinema Ambasciatori at 22.00 with Tusta (HR – SRB, MK, 2019, col., 109’) by Andrej Korovljev for the section ‘Art&Sound’. A biographic documentary about the life of Branko Črnac-Tusta, the frontman of the punk rock band KUD Idijoti from Pula, who surpassed the music and became a symbol of free thinking. The author will be attending the screening.

Other exhibitions and events for kids at the TSFF Little Ones: two events, at 10.00 and 14.00, will take place at Eataly. With Choco Lab children will have fun evaluating chocolate and playing the role of real tasters!
At 18.00, at Caffè San Marco there will be the book presentation Con Bata nella giungla with Markéta Pilátová, Alessandro De Vito and Massimo Tria.

This day of screenings finishes at 22.00 with Almost Happy & Friends Concert at Loft. Which will offer you all the best of 80s pop music. Free entry.

Tickets for the Trieste Film Festival are available at the box-offices of Politeama Rossetti, Cinema Ambasciatori and Teatro Miela.
With the opening of  the box-offices it will be possible to purchase the tickets for all the screenings in programme at the theatre where the purchase is being made. Seats are not numbered.