The day begins at 11:00 at Politeama Rossetti with the special event The Night of the Shooting Stars (La notte di San Lorenzo) (I, 1982, col., 107’) by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, a tribute to the great actor and dubber Omero Antonutti, who passed away in 2019.
The screeningss continue with the feature film competition: at 14.00 Zana (RKS – AL, 2019, col., 97’) by Antoneta Kastrati, at 16.00 Oleg (LV – B – LT – F, 2019, col., 108’) by Juris Kursietis (The author will be attending the screening) and at 18.00 Oroslan (SLO – CZ, 2019, col., 72’) by Matjaž Ivanišin (The author will be attending the screening). Zana has been presented in Toronto and represents Kosovo at the Oscars, Oleg was presented at ‘Quinzaine des Réalisateurs’ during the latest edition of the Cannes Festival and Oroslan was presented during the Locarno Film Festival.
At 20.00 do not miss the CEI – Central European Initiative award ceremony and immediately after the feature film in competition Cat in the Wall (Kot w Scianie) (BG – GB – F, 2019, col., 92’) by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova: the true story of a cat which, trapped in a wall, will manage to change the lives of hopeful immigrants,  fraudsters and gentrified Brexiteers. The author will be attending the screening.
The day ends at Politeama Rossetti with the feature film out of competition My Thoughts Are Silent (Moi Dumki Tichi) (UA, 2019, col., 104’) by Antonio Lukič. Special prize of the jury in the section ‘East of the West’ at the latest Karlovy Vary festival.

The programme at Cinema Ambasciatori begins at 11.00 with the special event W.R.: Mysteries of the Organism (W.R. – Misterije Organizma) (YU – RFG, 1971, col. & b-n/b-w, 84’) by Dušan Makavejev. A masterpiece of one of the main protagonists of the Yugoslav black wave.
We then continue at 14.00 with The Makavejev Case or Trial in a Movie Theater (Slučaj Makavejev ili Process u Bioskopskoj Sali) (SRB, 2019, col., 74’) by director Goran Radovanović, which explores the position of an artist in socialist Yugoslav, focusing on the political and social situation of that time.
For the documentary competition, at 16.00 will be screened Immortal (Surematu) (EST – LV, 2019, col., 61’) by Ksenia Okhapkina: the film explains the mechanism that convince human beings to voluntarily become resources for the nation. The author will be attending the screening.
The award ‘Premio Concorso Salani’ will take place at 17.30: #387 (F – I – B, 2019, col., 61’) by Madeleine Leroyer, in competition at the last IDFA in Amsterdam. The author will be attending the screening..
Another documentary in competition at 19.00 will be Heat Singers (Spivaye Ivano-Fran-Kivskteplokomune-Nergo) (UA, 2019, col., 64’) by director Nadia Parfan:  a team of devoted pipefitters rush from home to home to tame hot fountains and to sing. The author will be attending the screening.
At 20.30 and 22.15 will be screened two ‘Corso Salani awards’: first Never Whistle Alone (La bufera. Cronache di ordinaria corruzione) (I – NL, 2019, col., 74’) by Marco Ferrari (The author will be attending the screening) and then BAG Sustainable Architecture study with natural materials  (I, 2019, col., 9’) by Giuseppe Chiantera and Sara Muscogiuri. After will be the time of Maternal (I – AR, 2019, col., 91’) by Maura Delpero. The author will be attending the screening.

At Caffè San Marco, besides the usual meetings with the authors that take place every day at 11.00, it will be possible to take part at 18.30, to Hands of the Makers: tasting of cheeses from the Kumparicka farm accompanied by Istrian wines. Price: 15€.

Tickets for the Trieste Film Festival are available at the box-offices of Politeama Rossetti, Cinema Ambasciatori and Teatro Miela.
With the opening of  the box-offices it will be possible to purchase the tickets for all the screenings in programme at the theatre where the purchase is being made. Seats are not numbered.