Beginning today the meeting with the authors at Caffè San Marco: everyday at 11:00 the audience and press will have the opportunity to ask questions and talk with film directors, actors and producers attending the festival.

Screenings of the day begin at Politeama Rossetti: at 11:00 Interview with Maestro Federico Fellini (Interview s Maestrom – Federicom Fellinim) (I – CS, 1989, col., 14’) by Matej Mináč, who in 1989 spent two amazing days with the maestro thanks to the famous slovak filmmaker Juraj Kakubisko. The director will be attending the screening.
Always for the section “Fellini East West”, Fantastic Mr Fellini – An interview with Wes Anderson (I, 2020, col., 42’). Together with film director Francesco Zippel, Anderson Anderson has retraced some themes close to Fellini’s own approach to cinema. The author will be attending the screening.
At 14:00 starts the feature film competition screenings with Let There Be Light (Nech je svetlo) (SK – CZ, 2019, col., 93’) by Marko Škop, in which Milan learns that his son might be involved in a harrowing event that has stunned the local community. The author will be attending the screening.
Other feature films will follow: Monsters. (Monstri.) (RO, 2019, col., 116’) by Marius Olteanu at 16.00 and Ivana the Terrible (Ivana cea Groaznica) (RO – SRB, 2019, col., 89’) by Ivana Mladenović at 18.15. The authors will be attending the screening.
At 20:30 will close the day at Politeama Rossetti the Eastern Star award ceremony  with the screening of Perfect Strangers ((Nie)znajomi) (PL, 2019, col., 103’) by Tadeusz Śliwa, polish remake of the Italian box-office hit directed by Paolo Genovese, starring Kasia Smutniak (The author will be attending the screening) and at 22:30 the first screening ‘Art&Sound’: And Then We Danced (GE – S – F, 2019, col., 106’) by Levan Akin, presented at ‘Quinzaine des Réalisateurs’ in Cannes.

At Cinema Ambasciatori starts the documentary competition. At 11:00 the documentary out of competition by Gianpaolo Penco Vittorio Vidali – I Am Not the One I Was (I, 2019, col., 106’), about one of the most controversial characters in Stalin’s communism. The author will be attending the screening.
At 14:00 and 16:00 two documentaries in competition: The Euphoria of Being (A Létezés Eufóriája) (H, 2019, col., 84’) by Réka Szabó (The author will be attending the screening), with the participation of Éva Fahidi, survived to Auschwitz Birkenau, and Marek Edelman… and There Was Love in the Ghetto (Marek Edelman… i Byla Milość w Getcie) (PL – D, 2019, col. & b-n/b-w, 80’) by Jolanta Dylewska with the collaboration of Andrzej Wajda. Documentary  with re-enacted scenes co-written by Agnieszka Holland and directed by Andrzej Wajda shortly before his death.
At 18.00 we will see the first compilation of the short film competition, with The Rudeness of a German Lady (Njemački Inat) (HR – H, 2020, col., 15’) by Silva Ćapin, It’s Good Like That (Tak jest dobrze) (PL, 2019, b-n/b-w, 23’) by Marcin Sauter, Sad Girl Weekend (GR, 2019, col., 15’) by Dimitris Tsakaleas and Lida Vartzioti, Dog Days of Summer (Mi smo videli leto) (SRB, 2019, col., 20’) by Nikola Stojanović, Golden Minutes (Auksinės Minutės) (LT, 2019, col., 10’) by Saulius Baradinskas, Anna (GB – UA – IL, 2019, col., 15’) by Dekel Berenson e Lake of Happiness (BY – D – E, 2019, col., 30’) by Aliaksei Paluyan. The authors will be attending the screening.
Other two documentaries in competition will be screened: at 20.30 Transnistra (S – DK – B, 2019, col., 95’) by Anna Eborn and at 22.15 The Wind. A Documentary Thriller (Wiatr. Thriller Dokumentalny) (PL – SK, 2019, col., 75’) by Michal Bielawski (The author will be attending the screening.). The first one follows a group of young people in the self-proclaimed state of Transnistria, while the second one tells the story of one of the most unpredictable elements in the Polish mountains, The Halny wind.
At midnight the feature film out of competition by Predrag Ličina, The Last Serb in Croatia (Posljednji Srbni u Hrvatskoj) (HR – SRB, 2019, col., 88’), the first Balkan zombie comedy!

Today marks the beginning of TSFF Little Ones festival!
At 10:45 and 11:30 at Teatro Miela there will be the Zoo Party Lab workshop by Vincenzo Stera and Casa della Musica / Music School 55. Price: 10€.
At 11:00, always at Teatro Miela, will be screened the short films made during the workshops EU-CIAK at International School of Trieste,  Liceo artistico Enrico e Umberto Nordio and Istituto Tecnico G. Deledda – M. Fabiani; the audience will be asked to vote the best short film. The project has been organized with the support of Pietro Pittini Foundation.
At 16.00 and 17.15 another workshop for kids: Il mio porto va al cinema!, by Annalisa Metus and in collaboration with Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Orientale. Free entry.
At 16.00, at Teatro Miela, for ‘Happy Birthday, Gianni Rodari!’ will be screened two masterpieces of animated cinema: Castello di Carte (10’, 1962) by Giulio Gianini and Emanuele Luzzati and La Freccia Azzurra (90’, 1996), by Enzo D’Alò and with the voices of Dario Fo and Lella Costa.

At 10.30 the first walk of the Festival will start from Museo Ex-Lavatoio di San Giacomo: From San Giacomo District to the Lloyd Tower: new itineraries to discover Trieste  by Marzia Arzon. Price: 10€.
At 17.00 at Cafè Rossetti do not miss the meeting Vr Days: women and storytelling in virtual reality with Stefania Casini, Sara Tirelli, Alessia Sonaglioni and Agnese Pietrobon.
At 17.30 at Caffè San Marco will be the time for the talk We all still have a suitcase in Berlin, a meeting between the photographer Marco Auber and the curators of the I still have a suitcase in Berlin Cesare Genuzio and Massimo Premuda.

You will also have the possibility to try three vr experiences: two in the Foyer of Politeama Rossetti, Mare Nostrum. The Nightmare and Medusa Act II, and one at Hotel Hilton, The Key. The experiences are free.

Tickets for the Trieste Film Festival are available at the box-offices of Politeama Rossetti, Cinema Ambasciatori and Teatro Miela.
With the opening of  the box-offices it will be possible to purchase the tickets for all the screenings in programme at the theatre where the purchase is being made. Seats are not numbered.