Terry O’Neill to attend in person to choose the winning photograph 

In Friuli Venezia Giulia, a new photography competition dedicated to cinema is named after and judged by one of the most renowned contemporary photographers.
The regulations for the first edition of the Terry O’Neill Prize for Best Photographer will be released today. A project born out of the collaboration between ERPAC, with Casa del Cinema, and Iconic Images. The competition calls upon professional and non-professional photographers to capture images of actors, directors, writers and journalists during the Trieste Film Festival, from the January 18-25. Photos taken from previous editions of the festival will also be considered.
A selection committee composed of five members; two from the association Casa del Cinema, two from Trieste Film Festival and one from Iconic Images, will give their indisputable verdict to choose the twenty best photographs. These will then be sent to Terry O’Neill who will view them in person and select the winning portrait. 
The prize will be awarded on Friday 15th February 2019 at 18:30 at the Magazzino delle Idee in Trieste. The motives for this choice, written by Terry O’Neill, will be read and the name of the winner announced. 
All twenty of the finalists’ photographs will be printed and exhibited from 1st – 17th February 2019 in a special area as part of the exhibition STARS – The photographic portraits of Terry O’Neill at the Magazzino delle Idee, adjacent to the space #ToBeFaye.
The regulations have been published at this link[:]