Anyone who thinks that it was all grey and austere behind the Iron Curtain clearly has not seen Maria Drazdechova’s colourful skirts and Charleston heels. It’s 1983 and we find ourselves in Bratislava, in a Czechoslovakia that looks longingly at the West. As soon as the teacher enters the room, all bubbly and eccentric, her students cannot help but be won over by her. However, while taking the register, why does she appear so interested in what her students parent’s do for work?

Inspired by true events, THE TEACHER which is distributed in Italy by Satine Film and set to be released in theatres in 2017 is the special opening event of the 28th TRIESTE FILM FESTIVAL, set for the 20th to 29th of January. Highly acclaimed at Karlovy Vary (where the protagonist Zuzana Mauréry won the prize for Best Actress), the new film by the multi-award winning director Jan Hrebejk- Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Film in 2000 with Divided We Fall – is peppered with grotesque humour that, from the historical context of Real socialism, transcends the political climate of the time and illustrates the subtle line that- at any latitude and at any time- separates compromise from corruption, selfishness from solidarity. The result is a universal film that touches everyone – parents and children- and broaches moral themes that are relevant to this day, such as the value of education and the courage it takes to stand up to injustice.

“We are very proud – the directors of the Trieste Film Festival, Fabrizio Grosoli and Nicoletta Romeo explain – to launch the 28th edition with a film that best portrays all the qualities that continue to render the eastern-central european Cinema so great, such as innovative writing, superb acting and a wicked sense of humour”

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