Trieste Film Festival, along with DaFilms, one of our Media Partners, has curated a selection of documentaries from the 31st and 32nd editions of #TSFF. The documentaries are available on the DAFilms platform until the 7th of February 2021.

The available films are:
“An Ordinary Country”, Tomasz Wolski
“Andrei Tarkovsky: A Cinema Prayer”, Andrei A. Tarkovsky
“Book of Jonah”, Zlatolin Donchev
“Divinazioni”, Leandro Picarella
“Exemplary Behaviour”, Audrius Mickevičius e Nerijus Milerius
“Gentle Warriors”, Marija Stonytė
“Gundermann Revier”, Grim Lemke
“Heimat ist ein Raumaus Zeit”, Thomas Heise
“Holy Father”, Andrei Dăscălescu
“Homelands”, Jelena Maksimovic
“Landscape Zero”, Bruno Pavić
“Never Whistle Alone”, Marco Ferrari
“Once Upon a Youth”, Ivan Ramljak

It’s an exceptional opportunity for #TSFF lovers: after the end of our 32nd edition, the documentary selection will be available to view throughout Europe. Even people who do not live in Italy will be able to enjoy a part of #TSFF32!
We would like to thank DAFilms for their collaboration: We’re sure that you’ll enjoy it! A curated selection of documentaries awaits you!