Every year the festival organizes some events dedicated to professionals of the audiovisual sector.
During the 32nd edition, the festival promoted two opportunities for advanced training: 

Webinar for Italian distributors – “What are the winning digital strategies for effective distribution?” 
Organized in collaboration with the European digital marketing agency Alphapanda. Through examples of promotional campaigns and analysis of successful case studies in Italy and Europe, Alphapanda illustrated tools and methodologies for the promotion and distribution of film products through social media. Particular emphasis was placed on the differences with traditional marketing in terms of targeting, segmentation, formats and analytics.

Webinar for the MIOB (Moving Images Open Borders) festival network – “Digital Campaigns for film festivals”.
Organized in collaboration with the European digital marketing agency Alphapanda. 
Led by Joanna Solecka – film marketing strategist and audience design trainer with more than 15 years of experience in the field and Valentina Neumann – expert in digital marketing campaigns.  The first 3-hour module analyzed the main digital platforms used for film marketing and identified new approaches and challenges that have arisen as a result of digitization in the field of film promotion.
The second module, aimed at structuring and increasing one’s online audience, illustrated the tools for audience targeting. Participants were then divided into working groups that, through the use of their social channels, carried out practical “exercises” such as: building advertising campaigns, targeting on Facebook and Instagram, learning how to use Google Ads.