#TSFF32: DAY 2


Day two of Trieste Film Festival begins at 11:00 with the launch of our morning events at the headquarters of Alpe Adria Cinema: A coffee with… is our traditional meeting with guests of the Festival, and it starts with meeting the TSFF team itself! Journalist Elisa Grando meets with artistic directors Nicoletta Romeo and Fabrizio Grosoli, as they explore together the main themes of the 32nd edition: from the focus on the 30th anniversary of the Balkan wars, to the very best of Polish women’s cinema; from independent Italian cinema to major special events.

At 13:00 we have the launch of a brand new event: a look at the excellencies of the region with In the Kitchen with TSFF. Trieste Film Festival takes you into the kitchen of star chefs Antonia Klugmann, Matteo Metullio and Davide De Pra, giving them the challenge of preparing typical dishes with Eastern European influences. A new and original way of promoting the excellencies of our territory, but above all to recommend some tasty recipes to prepare together before immersing yourself in the films!

The afternoon sees the beginning of the film competition, and at 14:00 in the Feature Film section we present the Italian premiere of BERLINER (The Campaign) by Marian Crișan, RO, 2020, col., 93’ Romanian o.v., eng. subt.
Viorel, a quiet, upright tractor driver from a small town in West Romania, meets Mocanu, a high profile politician campaigning for a seat in the European Parliament. When Mocanu’s car breaks down nearby, Viorel and his wife welcome him into their modest home. A compelling allegory on populism and corruption.

At 16:00 the Feature Film competition continues, and it’s another Italian premiere: FRANCUZ (A Frenchman) by Andrej Smirnov, RUS, 2019-2020, b-w, 128’ French – Russian o.v., eng. subt.
In 1957, then-student Pierre Durand moved to Moscow for an internship. There, he meets ballerina Kira Galkina and photographer Valera Uspenskiy, and together they explore Moscow’s cultural life. However, the internship and experiencing the Soviet way of life are not the only things Pierre seeks through his visit. A film that incorporates the style and freshness of the Nouvelle Vague of the 1960s.

At 17:00 the first of 6 events begins with VR coordinated by Antonio Giacomin: MEET THE XR CREATIVE LIVE. This year the festival will concentrate on the experiences created in this ‘abnormal’ context with live-streamed meetings with creatives who are exploring the new expressive, technological and creative ways of immersive media. The first guest is Valentina Paggiarin. The event is to be broadcasted live on Trieste Film Festival’s Facebook and Youtube pages.

At 18:15 we have the debut film from the Documentary section, with one of the most highly-awarded documentaries in the world in 2020: ACASĂ, MY HOME by Radu Ciorniciuc, RO – D – FIN, 2020, col., 86’ Romanian o.v., eng. subt.
The Enache family used to live in a hut on the lakeshore in the wilderness of the Bucharest Delta. However, when this area is transformed into a national park, they are forced to move to the city and to come to terms with a new way of living.

At 20:00 we return to the Feature Film competition with the Italian premiere GALAKTIKA E ANDROMEDËS (Andromeda Galaxy) by More Raça, RKS – E – I – NMK, 2020, col., 82’ Albanian o.v., eng. subt.
Kosovo, 2019. Corruption and mass-unemployment have made it impossible for Shpëtim to find a job. Matters get more complicated when the orphanage sends his daughter back to live with him – but he doesn’t have a house. Debut film from a young and greatly talented Kosovar director.

The day finishes at 22:00 with another Italian premiere from the Feature Film competition, MOJ JUTARNJI SMEH (My Morning Laughter) by Marko Đorđević, SRB, 2020, col., 94’ Serbian o.v., eng. subt.
Dejan, though almost thirty years old, is still a virgin. In a bid to see if his friendship with Kaća could go further, he tries to overcome his inner emotional struggle. After a session with a psychic leaves him humiliated, Dejan realizes he has nothing left to lose: there is still hope. One of the best debuts of Balkan cinema of the year, a Kammerspiel between comedy and psychological realism.

In recent years, Sunday brunch has become a real part of Festival Sunday, with the unmissable event selling out every year. Don’t miss our CINEBRUNCH to be enjoyed from home this year on Sunday the 24th of January, once again in collaboration with the historic Caffé San Marco. Make your reservation, pick up your box and enjoy a freshly prepared brunch from the comfort of your own sofa. Brunch reservations are open until Friday the 22nd of January at 040 0641724 (via telephone and whatsapp) info@caffesanmarco.com

For the audience of the Trieste Film Festival they have always represented a way to discover the city and also in this digital edition the traditional walks could not be missing. We start with Esterno / Giorno_Frames, a new spin off initiative by the Casa del Cinema Trieste, which organises film walks between locations and sets in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a sort of traveling conferences led by a film journalist and a professional from the set, whose scheduling was temporarily suspended due to the limitations imposed by the ongoing health emergency. “Frames” is an episodic journey, small rooms of wonders to tell locations, sets, films, actors, authors between past and present. The guideline is the curiosity, the surprise and the unexpected. The 32nd edition of the Trieste Film Festival will host the episode entitled “Sì, Viaggiare” between stations, trains, platforms, level crossings, international stars and unforgettable films. The mini doc will be available to accredited persons for the entire duration of the festival on the MYMovies.it platform. We then continue live with two walks organised by Marzia Arzon: Saturday 23 at 10:30 with the “Urban Trekking in the Ex Opp Area”, the Basaglia psychiatric revolution in an articulated narrative within the San Giovanni district , with its Liberty-style buildings, the theater, the rose garden, whose transformation of exceptional importance has been told by the cinema in a truthful and touching way; Sunday 24 at 10:30 with “Trieste tra Carso e Mare”, we go down one of the most famous paths of the Karst edge overlooking Trieste and the gulf, from the ‘Napoleonic or Vicentine road’ to the village of Prosecco, a simple route accessible to all. On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th at 3:00 pm, on the other hand, “Rejected Princes, Evil Exiles, Locked Up Females And Other Stories: Narrative Tour And Talking Places” by the Irish Studies Laboratory and a research group on literature, narration, spaces and tourism of the Department of Humanities of the University of Trieste. A narrative tour From San Giusto to Piazza Unità, which awakens stories and cultures, evokes characters and destinies and makes famous and forgotten places talk. A historical, gothic, sentimental journey through the many identities of Trieste, which intertwines stories of good and bad exiles, criminals, unwanted guests and royal families. For all 4 walks, reservations are required by e-mail to prenotazionitsff@gmail.com indicating name, surname, telephone number.