#TSFF32: DAY 3


Saturday 23rd of January A coffee with… takes us to 3 galleries in the city: live on MyMovies, Facebook and YouTube from the EContemporary, DoubleRoom and the Luigi Spazzapan Regional Gallery of Contemporary Art, TSFF takes you to virtually explore the B#Side War exhibitions, with works produced as part of the artist residences of the B#Side War Festival;  Finis Jugoslaviae, a photographic reportage from 1991 by Giovanni Montenero and Behind the Appearances by Vera Von Lendorff and Holger Trülzsch.
At 13:00 In the Kitchen with TSFF takes you into the kitchens of star chefs Antonia Klugmann, Matteo Metullio and Davide De Pra, giving them the challenge of preparing typical Eastern European influenced dishes. A new and original way of promoting the excellencies of our area, but above all to recommend some tasty recipes to prepare together before immersing yourself in the films!

At 14:00 in the Feature Film section, we have the international premiere of TAKO DA NE OSTANE ŽIVA (So She Doesn’t Live) by Faruk Lončarević, BIH, 2020, col., 92’ Bosnian o.v., eng. subt., which drops us into the mundane everyday life of a Bosnian province from which Aida is trying to free herself. After breaking up with her violent partner, Kerim, she starts a relationship with another man, searching to free herself from the past. So She Doesn’t Live is based on a real event: the most disturbing murder case in post-war Bosnia.

From 16:00 instead we have 7 titles from the Short Film Competition:
DAS URTEIL IM FALL K. (The Verdict in the Case of K.) by Özgür Anil, A, 2020, col., 30’ German – Turkish o.v. eng. subt. The film’s Italian premiere, a family tries to find their way back to normality following a trial and a verdict. They are forced, however, to deal with the expectations of the Turkish community to which they belong;
JSME SI O SMRT BLÍŽ (Love Is Just a Death Away) by Bára Anna Stejskalová, CZ, 2020, col., 11’ no dialogue. Also an Italian premiere and co-produced by FAMU in Prague, this animation tells a delicate story about finding love even amid utter despair;
DELČKI (Bits) by Áron Horváth Botka, SLO, 2020, col., 15’ Slovenian – Hungarian o.v. eng. subt. When eleven- year-old Teo receives a visit from his father with a brand-new truck, Teo makes a decision that will change his life forever;
VOUTA by Dimitris Zahos, GR, 2020, col., 18’ / Greek o.v. / eng. subt. is also an Italian premiere and tells us about Christos, a teenager who must find new ways to cope with his family’s problems. Just like the “vouta” pigeons he loves so much;
BEREKETLI BIR GÜN (A Fertile Day) by Mümin Barış, TR, 2020 / b-w, 15’ / no dialogue presents us with a classic archetype: a father and his son go fishing but only return with one fish. Who is going to eat it? A short film developed as part of a directing workshop with Béla Tarr;
ILLUSIONE (Illusion) by Lorenzo Quagliozzi, I, 2020 / b-w, 15’ / no dialogue tells about the dreams and hopes of a Greek concert pianist who met the love of her life in Trieste, Italy in the 1950s. A semi-experimental short told entirely through a montage of photographic images;
BUCUREȘTIUL VĂZUT DE SUS (Bucharest Seen from Above) by Andrei Răuţu, RO, 2020, col., 17’ / Romanian o.v. / eng. subt. is an Italian premiere and a  road trip full of remorse, doubt and darkness. Starring Marina Voica, a Romanian pop singer.

At 17:00 we have the second event with MEET THE XR CREATIVE LIVE. This year the Festival will be concentrated on the experiences created in this ‘abnormal’ context with live-streamed meetings coordinated by Antonio Giacomin with creatives who are exploring the new expressive, technological and creative ways of immersive media. Today’s guests are Marija Vucic, the manager of the BELDOCS Academy workshops (in which many Eastern-European creatives have participated this year) and two directors, Bojana Radulovic and Nikola Ljuc.  The event is to be broadcasted live on Trieste Film Festival’s Facebook and Youtube pages.

At 18:15 we return to the Feature Length competition with the Italian premiere of SWEAT by Magnus von Horn , PL – S, 2020, col., 106’ Polish o.v., eng. subt.
The film follows three days in the life of Sylwia Zając, a fitness influencer living in Warsaw who has gained celebrity status due to her avid use of social media. When an Instagram post in which she confesses to feeling lonely goes viral, a stalker appears outside her apartment. Vivid portrait of an influencer caught between exhibitionism and fragility.

At 20:00 we have another Feature Length competition film in Italian premiere: OTAC (Father) by Srdan Golubović, SRB – F – D – HR – SLO – BIH, 2020, col., 120’ Serbian o.v., eng. subt.
After Nikola is ordered to give up his children when social services decide he is too poor to offer them a good quality of life, he sets off on foot to present his court case in Belgrade. A moving story about inequality and corruption by one of the most interesting Serbian directors of his generation.

At 22:15 the day ends with a an international premiere from the Documentary competition:  BLOCUS (Blockade) by Hakob Melkonyan, AM – F, 2020, col., 85’ Armenia o.v., eng. subt.
For thirty years, during the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, Chinari’s inhabitants have been trying to survive the war between the Azeris and the Armenians along with the difficult conditions imposed by the blockade. A close-up account of everyday life in a land without peace.

We remind you that all of the films will remain available online for 72 hours after their first broadcast, and that, for the duration of the Festival, you can watch the extra content such as the mini-doc “Sì, Viaggiare” curated by Casa del Cinema Trieste for the Esterno/Giorno project, and “In the Kitchen with TSFF”.