#TSFF32: DAY 5


The day starts at 11:00 with the classic “A coffee with..” and this time our guest is TSFF itself: “TSFF: a 32-year-long story” is in fact the title of today’s talk. The festival’s artistic directors together with journalist Cristina Battocletti, talk to us about the start and the evolution of Trieste Film Festival: the leading Italian film festival of Central Eastern European cinema, since 1989.

At 14:00 we rejoin the Documentary Competition with the Italian premiere of BEYNIMDƏKI MISMARLAR ( Nails In My Brain) by Hilal Baydarov, AZ, 2020, col., 80’, Azerbaijani o.v., eng. subt. The new masterpiece from the Azerbaijani filmmaker which explores his relationship with his mother, his return to his native village and of rediscovered time found wandering through the ruins of what could have been his childhood home. Memories emerge: of his school days, of loved ones long gone, of wonderful things, callousness and defeat.

At 16:00, from the Feature Length competition we have the Italian premiere of JAK NAJDALEJ STĄD ( I Never Cry) by Piotr Domalewski, PL – IRL, 2020, col., 100’, Polish – English o.v., eng. subt.
Ola is an outspoken and courageous teenager who aims to become a taxi driver to support her family. When her father dies in a tragic accident at work, Ola has to go alone to Ireland to bring his body back to Poland. An emblematic tale of the relationship between East and West, with a sobriety reminiscent of the Dardenne brothers.

At 17:00 we have the appointment with MEET THE XR CREATIVE LIVE and we present Vajont, a VR experience created and presented during the last Biennale College VR. We will meet the director and one of the filmmakers to talk about how they created the work dedicated to one of the greatest Italian tragedies of the last century. With Iolanda di Bonaventura and Saverio Trapasso.

At 18:00 the Feature Length competition continues with another Italian premiere: STRAH (Fear) by Ivaylo Hristov, BG, 2020, b-w, 100’, Bulgarian – English o.v., eng. subt.
Svetla is a widow who has recently lost her job as a teacher. One day, while hunting in a forest, Svetla comes across a migrant from Africa and decides to take him in. This brings about a dramatic change in her life. A story about immigration, from xenophobia to human solidarity. Winner at Tallinn’s Black Nights festival in 2020.

At 20:00 we have another Italian premiere from the Feature Length competition: EXIL (Exile) by Visar Morina, D – B – RKS, 2020, col., 121’, German – Albanian o.v., eng. subt. Xhafer, a Kosovo-born pharmaceutical engineer living in Germany, feels discriminated against and bullied at work. When he finds a dead rat hanging from the gate in front of his home, he is immediately convinced that his racist colleagues are responsible. A Sarajevo award-winning social thriller full of surprises.

The day comes to a close at 22:15 with the Documentary competition, which presents NULTI KRAJOLIK (Landscape Zero) by Bruno Pavić, HR, 2020, col., 71’, Croatian o.v., eng. subt., another Italian premiere. A strip of coastal land near Split has been destroyed by the presence of an industrial site. The film follows the personal lives of those in the area who manage to lead almost normal lives despite the dangerous facilities.