#TSFF32: DAY 7


Today the festival kicks off with the book, “Piccolo alfabeto per viaggiatori selvatici” (A small alphabet for wild travellers) by Eleonora Sacco, former editor of the blog ‘Pain de Route’. The author, our main guest presents her first book in which she weaves together unusual itineraries and etymologies of distant lands, tales of daring adventures and thoughts on the world. In conversation with her is Luigi Nacci, poet and writer.

From 14:00 onwards begin the screenings dedicated to the Corso Salani Award 2021.
The first film we will be screening is LIBRO DI GIONA (Book of Jonah) by Zlatolin Donchev, I – BG, 2020, col., 72’, Italian o.v.,  eng. subt., a debut film by an assistant of the De Serio brothers and produced by the authors of Spaccapietre. The film takes us into a small car full of things, where Massimiliano is immersed in a book, but is also where he eats, sleeps and dreams. Collections of photographs weave together his everyday life living on the street with his personal life.

At 16:00 we will be screening VERA DE VERDAD (Io sono Vera) by Beniamino Catena I – RCH, 2020, col., 100’, Italian – Spanish o.v., eng. subt., where Vera, an eleven-year-old girl, disappears without a trace. Two years later she returns. As memories resurface, Vera realises she is mysteriously connected to a chilean man who may have had a parallel experience. An inner, intimate fantasy from a creator with a flair for capturing faces and landscapes.

At 17:00 the last of the 6 “MEET THE XR CREATIVE LIVE” events will take place with VR coordinated by Antonio Giacomin. This year, the festival has focused on the experiences created in this “abnormal” context with interviews on live streaming with creatives who are exploring the new expressive technological and creative modes of immersive media. The final guest is Girolamo Da Schio, already a participant in the Hackathon organised by the Trieste Film Festival in 2018 and who recently presented H.O.M. a work that is in a way linked to his first Italian hackathon in VR.

At 18:00 The Salani award continues, as we screen DIVINAZIONI (Divinations) by Leandro Picarella,  I – F, 2020, col., 87’, Italian o.v., eng. subt. The parallel stories of Moka, a young craftsman of Moroccan origin, and Achille, an old fortune-teller, once made famous on regional TV. Moka studies and experiments with the secrets of metal transformation, while Achille returns to civilian life after a long period in prison.

At 20:00 the first night will feature SAMP by Flavia Mastrella and Antonio Rezza, I, 2020, col., 78’ Italian o.v., eng. subt. In the midst of wild Tarantism dancing, Samp dances aimlessly, before leaving the ceremony to kill his mother. He meets a powerful boss who orders him to slaughter ordinary people with the aim of suppressing human emotions and traditions. Rezza at his best: his disjointed body destroys every narrative convention and his black humour is devastating.

At 22:00 the Italian premiere of ULTIMINA Jacopo Quadri, I, 2020, col., 62’, Italian o.v., eng. subt. Ultimina was born into a poor Tuscan family of sharecroppers over 80 years ago. She has a gift for clear words and a love of storytelling. The greatest editor in Italian cinema films her with affectionate respect and simplicity.

At 23:00 the rich marathon f the the Salani Award closes with I TUFFATORI (The Divers) by Daniele Babbo, I – BIH, 2020, col., 74’, Bosnian o.v., eng. subt. The Mostar divers have been jumping off the bridge for generations. A tradition that has been handed down for two centuries and has never been interrupted, not even when the bridge was destroyed. An intimate and exclusive insight into the lives of a group of men who encapsulate the history and the feelings of their people.

Finally, we would like to remind you of the TSFF walks: on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th at 15:00 the tour “Principi Reietti, Esuli Cattivi, Femmine Rinchiuse E Altre Storie: Narrative Tour And Talking Places” organised by the Laboratory of Irish Studies and the research group on literature, narration, spaces and tourism from the Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Trieste. A narrative tour from San Giusto to Piazza Unità, will reawaken stories and cultures, evoke characters and destinies and bring to life famous and forgotten places. A historical, gothic and sentimental journey through the many identities of Trieste, weaving together the stories of good and bad exiles, criminals, unwanted visitors and royal families.
To join us for the walks, please reserve via email at: prenotazionitsff@gmail.com providing name, surname, telephone number.