#TSFF32: DAY 9


Every year, the Trieste Film Festival offers a masterclass on cinema from a guest industry expert, and this year, the masterclass is held in the morning by Cristi Puiu as part of A coffee with… , everyday at 11:00. Director and screenwriter, he is one of the leading names of the Romanian New Wave and is a previous guest at TSFF, where all of his films have been selected, including his latest work ‘Malmkrog’, streaming on the 29th of January at 20:00. Greek director Thanos Anastopoulos leads the meeting.

At 14:00 the Off the Beaten… Screens section presents the Italian premiere GOROD USNUL (In Deep Sleep) by Marija Ignatenko, RUS, 2020, col., 71’ Russian o.v., eng. subt. Viktor is accused of having beaten a mechanic to death on a boat where he worked as a sailor. A silent, free-flowing film which creates a cinematographic world of loss, by first-time director Maria Ignatenko.

From 16:00 the focus on Poland Wild Roses: Women Filmmakers in Europe presents two films. The first is the documentary KOMUNIA (Communion) by Anna Zamecka, PL, 2016, col., 72’ Polish o.v., eng. subt. When adults aren’t competent enough, the children around them are forced to grow up quickly. Ola is 14 years old and her mother is not around, leaving her to take care of her alcoholic father and autistic brother. The film won Best Documentary at the 2017 European Film Awards and at the 28th edition of the Trieste Film Festival.

The second film we present is the feature length CÓRKI DANCINGU (The Lure) by Agnieszka Smoczyńska, PL, 2015, col., 92’ Polish o.v., eng. subt. Two mermaid sisters emerge from the sea and make their way to a nightclub in 1980s Warsaw. They become overnight stars, with one of them falling in love with a charming, young bass player. This will push their bond to the limit, leading them to make decisions with cruel and bloody consequences.

After the morning masterclass, the Off The Beaten… Screens section presents MALMKROG by Cristi Puiu , RO – SRB – S – CH – BIH – NMK, 2020, col., 200’, French – German – Russian – Hungarian o.v., eng. subt. TSFF presents the film’s Italian premiere.
Nikolai, an aristocratic landowner, leaves his country estate at his friends’ disposal. They discuss death and the Antichrist, progress and morality. Based on the text by Russian philosopher Vladimir Solov’ëv, the film is a journey through time and history narrated by one of Romania’s most vibrant voices, Cristi Puiu.

To end the day, at 23:00, we rejoin The ART&SOUND AWARD 2021 with the Italian Premiere of POVRATAK KUĆI – MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ I NJENA DECA (Ritorno a casa – Marina Abramović e i suoi figli) by Boris Miljković, SRB, 2020, col., 84’, English – Serbian o.v., eng. subt.
A major retrospective exhibition brings Marina Abramović back to her very own native Belgrade. A deeply emotional, unedited account not just of her artistic journey, but also of her complex and controversial relationship with the city, her family and the dramatic history of her country.